Insurance & Billing

Insurance and Billing
We are pleased to work with you and any benefit plan you may have to maximize your benefits.

Financial Information
Everyone on our staff continually works at keeping our costs down so that you and your family can benefit from our quality, individualized care. Our primary concern, however, is to provide you with the care you desire and deserve at a fee that we both agree is fair and appropriate for the level of care and expertise required.

Payment Options
We request that financial arrangements be made prior to scheduling your dental treatment.
Financial arrangements are made on the total fee that we will discuss with you for the treatment we provide.

Please speak to our business office staff to assist you in choosing what payment option works best for you. We offer a variety of options to make our care available to you:

    When you pay your account in full on the day of your visit with check or cash
    Credit cards are accepted for payment the day of your visit. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD.
    We can assist you with an application for this dental / medical credit card
    With special arrangements

Third-Party Dental Benefits Plans (Dental Insurance)
For those who have a dental benefit plan, we are delighted to work with you in obtaining your maximum benefits. We are pleased to assist you in submitting pre-treatment estimates to determine what your dental benefits are, and we are happy to file your claims for you. We will arrange to have the payment from your dental plan made directly to you.