Relieve Stress for Dental Health CD

Kuttler Dental and YogaCare have partnered to create a new wellness CD.

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This CD features a variety of techniques to help reduce stress:

  • Emphasis on calming breath techniques
  • Basic yoga practices to help you release stress and relax
  • Affirmations and intentions to help you live freely

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Why it works

Millions of people suffer from TMJ, jaw tension, headaches and other issues related to stress. Studies show one of the most effective ways to reduce stress is through lifestyle changes. Reduce stress. Improve your life. Read the story behind Relieve Stress for Dental Health.

Product Review

"I often have stated that some of the most practical dental products, materials, and equipment are those developed by dentists and their teams. In fact, this column has featured several such products in the past. The most recent of the bunch is “Relieve Stress for Dental Health,” a wellness CD from Kuttler Dental and YogaCare that can help our patients—and us— treat tension affecting the neck, back, and jaw. While developed for patients with a history of bruxism and/or tightening of the facial and neck muscles, it also can help anyone who has trouble relaxing, sleeping, or finding a balance between effort and ease.

The CD features nine tracks covering basic yoga, relaxation, and affirmation; previous yoga experience is not necessary. The track instructors include William Kuttler, DDS, FAGD; Sharon Kuttler, RDH; and certified yoga instructor Deb May. With their combined experience in dentistry and yoga, their goal is to help patients handle their stress and avoid “dental breakdown.” Their voices are extremely soothing, and the CD is easy to follow. Both my wife and I have found the recording to be very relaxing and its techniques to be very helpful.

- Howard S. Glazer, D.D.S., F.A.G.D.
Author of "What's Hot and What's Getting Hotter" in the October 2013 issue of AGD Impact
Published with permission by the Academy of General Dentistry. ©Copyright 2013 by the Academy of General Dentistry. All rights reserved.

How to order

There are several ways to get your copy of this dental yoga CD:

You can also find it at the following Dubuque businesses:

The CD is $16.00 (tax included). Shipping is available for an additional $2.00.


Please contact us about presenting a stress relief program to your group, club or organization. We can create a program suited to your venue and interest in this topic. If you know anyone with stress in their life, they will find helpful information!